Creating Better Tomorrows

  • 8,000

    Children in 135 Daycare Centers

  • 1000

    Children in 5 Children's Homes

  • 400

    Families using 11 Crisis Centers

  • 1,200

    Students in 4 High Schools

  • 550

    Students in Emunah College


Our Projects

The Children’s Homes and Villages and the Crisis Centres seek to provide children with a warm home in a loving and supportive environment.

The centres provide support to those seeking help and give them the tools to deal with issues like trauma, personal hardships, saving a relationship or marriage, or keeping a family intact.

Interventional Facilities & Daycares

Emunah runs a system of interventional facilities and day cares throughout Israel. Children receive a high level of care in a loving and nurturing environment.

Our Campaigns

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

    Bar and Bat Mitzvahs should be a joyful celebration in the lives of children and their families. The children of Emunah deserve to honour this important milestone in a meaningful and dignified way.

  • Pet Therapy

    Pet therapy is just one of the many innovative forms of therapy practiced at all the Emunah homes in the hopes of helping the children. A child’s empathy with animals can be a model for relationships with people.

  • Music Therapy

    Music therapy helps to encourage the children to find their natural talents while boosting their self esteem and self confidence. Through music, children are able to express their emotions and begin to heal.

  • Gradco

    Emunah Canada is so proud to support the Gradco program at Acuzat Sara. This groundbreaking program helps upcoming and past graduates prepare for their lives after Achuzat Sara.


  • CHANGEMAKERS-Emunah Toronto
    Tue., May 25
    Family in Israel-Virtual Dinner
    May 25, 7:30 p.m.
    Family in Israel-Virtual Dinner
    Every day, Emunah "Changemakers" perform small acts that make a big difference at Emunah facilities across Israel. Every member of our dedicated team qualitatively improves the lives of the individuals for which they care and changes their trajectory the better.

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Creating Better Tomorrows

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