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Who We Are

Emunah is one of the primary social welfare organizations in Israel.

What We Do

We improve the lives of the disadvantaged in Israel by empowering them with tools.

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Emunah Canada hosts a variety of social and charitable events throughout the year.

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Put a smile on the face of a disadvantaged child in Israel by making a donation now.

Our mission is to improve the lives of the disadvantaged in Israel.

Children in 135 Daycare Centers

Children in 5 Children's Homes

Families using 11 Crisis Centers

Students in 4 High Schools

Students in Emunah College

Upcoming Events

03 Mar 2018
08:15PM - 10:30PM
Great Emunah Underground City Challenge

Armed with maps a series of questions and their own common sense teams race through this maze and travel to different locations in order to correctly answer as many questions as possible. 5

10 Mar 2018
08:00PM -
Emunah Toronto Poker Tournament

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