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(Multi-Purpose Day Cares)

Interventional daycares were established to meet the urgent need to deal with critical problems young families in crisis were facing. Each center is situated in impoverished urban neighborhood.

Each day care has a staff of therapists and social workers to work with the parents, to teach them basic parenting and communication skills, in the hope of healing a family that is not functioning well. Whether it is parental mental illness, unemployment, the effects of poverty, a struggling single parent, or the difficulties faced by new immigrants, the center works to heal deep ruptures that have already occurred in the family unit.

The centres are open from 7 am to 7 pm so that the children can be given the highest level of care-and protection. Emunah staff make sure the children receive three nutritious meals a day. Some children are given baths and sent home in clean clothes.

Centres take babies as young as 3 months to children 6 years of age-with many of the children having special needs. A staff of therapists is available to the children and their parents 12 hours a day: a social worker, psychologist, speech and hearing therapist and physiotherapist. Special tutors help the older children with their homework.

The goal of these centres is to help families in crisis so that they can overcome their issues and stay together. It is the hope that because of these centres children will not have to be removed from their home and placed in a residential care. 

Day Cares

Emunah maintains a vast network of day care centres and after-school centers caring for thousands of children throughout every corner of Israel.

The Day Care Centres provide over 8,000 children with excellent care in a secure environment within a Jewish framework. Working parents are offered peace of mind knowing these centers offer a safe and quality solution for the daily care of their children.

Children in Emunah’s day care centres are educated in the spirit of the traditions of Israel and its heritage. The centers have been the first to adopt a healthy diet for the children in their care and they operate under the professional supervision of government authorities, and the educational supervision of Emunah.

Our day care centres are always subsidized for whoever needs so that parents who cannot afford full tuition can still benefit from the high level of care provided. We can only do this with your support.

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