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Wedding Ceremony
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For our children, breaking the cycle of distress begins when they arrive at the doors of our Five Children's homes, and it is completed when they begin to create their own healthy and stable family on their wedding day years

later.  Of course, there is the physical and material side that every bride and groom dreams of! A

beautiful suit or dress, flowers, festive music, etc.


We are constantly looking for funding to assist with our weddings, because thankfully and happily, our family is constantly growing.. We do our best to contribute evenly with the other side’s family.

The average cost to fully sponsor a  wedding is  $15,000.

This includes: Dress or suit, Photographer, band, venue, food and of course Counselling. 


Partial support of the wedding and any funding towards any costs to set up a new home are very much appreciated as well. Please contact us for more information

When it comes to our weddings, any amount of support truly makes the world of a difference.



Roi was born in Ethiopia and has seven brothers and sisters. His mother passed away when he was seven years old. The family came to Israel, but then his father returned to Ethiopia and severed all contact with his children. Roi was in several homes before he reached Bet Elazraki, and he  knew that he has found a home and family for life once he settled into the home. Roi has always challenged himself whether it was in school, running a half marathon, or becoming a combat soldiers in one of the most elite units in the IDF. He met Yifat in the army, and their wedding just took place thanks to an Emunah Canada family who sponsored in honour of their daughter's own Wedding.

Clown Therapy
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