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Our Mission

Improve the lives of the disadvantaged in Israel by empowering them with tools for a better tomorrow.

Emunah In Israel

Emunah has been responding to the needs of the people in Israel for over 80 years. Emunah in Israel is amongst Israel’s leading social service organizations.


Emunah helps alleviate the burdens of Israel’s social problems and strengthen Israeli society provides care for approximately 10, 000 people on a daily basis through our network of Interventional facilities and daycares, vocational and educational institutions, children’s residential homes and youth villages, counselling centers and other services.


Emunah provides vital support during times of crisis and helps transform dire tragedy into success.

Emunah Canada - Our History

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Emunah Canada - Our History

Emunah Canada provides donors, advocates, and volunteers the organization they require to care for the most vulnerable at-risk children and families in Israel. Emunah Canada drives social change by leading, mobilizing, and engaging volunteers to raise the necessary funds to change and impact lives. Emunah Canada’s activities focuses on supporting education, social welfare programs,  advancing women’s status. Our primary beneficiary is Emunah Israel.

Emunah Canada began as the Mizrachi Women’s Organization of Canada in 1942. Prior to that date various chapters existed throughout Canada independent of each other. It was in 1942 that a convention was held in Toronto led by Mrs. Bessin where a resolution was adopted for the federation of existing chapters and the Mizrachi Women’s Organization of Canada was born. It was a great accomplishment as it meant that Canadian women would now have their own organization in Israel. 

Much of the work these women did was focused on raising funds for refugee children who had arrived in Israel. In minutes from a National Convention in 1943 it was decided that there would be no limits for emergency work for refugee children. To this end a resolution was passed that a monthly cheque would be sent to Mizrachi Women of Palestine. 

Over the next few years more chapters were formed across Canada and they became a part of the organization. In 1942 there were three chapters, one in Winnipeg, one in Ottawa and one in Montreal. By 1944 there were 18 chapters and by 1949 there were 30. 

In later years Mizrachi Women of Canada became Emunah Women of Canada and we came to be included in World Emunah which was created by Rabbanit Sarah Herzog in 1977. 

While many of years have passed since that original convention in 1942 Emunah Canada still believes in the same ideals as those women so long ago and we are proud of our history and the Emunah Family that continues to thrive.

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