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Emunah operates 5 educational facilities in Israel. Each one offers the highest level of education. Students are given the tools for a successful future. In addition to an excellent standard of education, our schools offer counseling, therapy and tutoring to those who are identified as in need of this help in order to succeed. No student is ever left behind.


Within Emunah’s educational system are 4 high schools and 1 college.

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The Marilyn Cole and Francie Zusman-Sina Torah and Arts High School 

The Marilyn Cole and Francie Zusman-Sina Torah and Arts High School is a unique high school for girls in Jerusalem. Here, for the first time, talented, religious young women in Israel have an opportunity to seriously pursue their art within the framework of a Torah environment. The school has attained a nationwide reputation for excellence.

Elisheva High School

Elisheva Girls Middle and High School is one of the schools operated by Emunah. Located in Pardes Hanna, it serves 370 students, grades 7-12, from Pardes Hanna, Hadera, Zichron Yaakov, and the surrounding area. Many of the girls who live at the Emunah Neve Michael Children’s Village attend this school.


As a regional school, Emunah Elisheva is required to accept all students who apply, including academically weak students and those from low socioeconomic families. This inclusivity, which creates a diverse student body in terms of socio-economic level, religious observance, and ethnicity, works to the benefit of its students. The School’s achievements have been recognized by the Israeli government with a number of awards. In  2015, the Ministry of Education awarded the Educational Leadership Prize to Emunah Elisheva. In  2016 Ministry of Education Prize for Coexistence and Prevention of Violence. 

Finally, in 2019, Elisheva was awarded the National Prize for Chesed (kindness/good deeds) for the Chesed performed by the students. The school promotes the importance of Chesed among the students. The girls learn the importance of giving of themselves to others. 


In addition to an excellent standard of education, the school offers counseling and tutoring to those who need these services in order to succeed. The staff at Elisheva Middle and High School work tirelessly to provide their students with the tools for a successful future.

Neve Sarah Herzog High School

Neve Sarah Herzog, located in Bnei Brak, is a girls high school with over 450 students.


At Neve Sarah Herzog, the goal is to enable each student to reach her highest academic potential while simultaneously building a strong Jewish foundation. Neve Sarah Herzog also recognizes that the pursuit of excellence can take various forms and so a student can pursue a regular high school core curriculum or she can choose a specialized program such as: art, film and new media, graphic design, dance, biomedical engineering and biology. These programs are designed not only to challenge and motivate program participants but to provide them with practical paths to further study or to the choice of a profession.


Neve Sarah offers accommodation to over 180 students. Today, most of these students are Ethiopian immigrants. Many arrive at the school lacking language skills and cultural customs and come from under-privileged families and poor neighborhoods around the country. The staff, teachers, professional workers and counselors make every effort to acclimate the students, filling in the gaps as necessary.

The staff at Emunah’s Neve Sarah Herzog focus on producing graduates with a solid foundation and a bright future ahead of them.

Beit Weinstein High School

Opened in 1990, this unique school, one of its kind in Bnei Brak, provides vocational education to 90 girls with learning, social and emotional difficulties, providing specialized training in the fields of fashion design, business management and computer skills. Using a personalized pedagogical approach, based on trust and mutual respect, Emunah Beit Weinstein strives to increase student motivation and help them to enhance their achievements. Good communication between students and staff creates an atmosphere of calm and dignity. Emunah Bet Weinstein recognizes the value in diversity and works to address the various needs of our students.

The Appleman College of Art and Technology

This Emunah College educates young women in the fields of fine arts, visual communication and drama within a religious Zionist framework. The students graduate as economically independent young women with a promising career ahead of them — strengthening Israeli culture and society.

Elisheva High School
Neve Sarah
Beit Weinstein
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