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Our Projects


Crisis Centres

Promoting status of Women

Emunah cooperates with and often leads a wide range of umbrella organizations and recognized public forums. We are active in promoting the interests of women in rabbinic courts, provides support for battered women, and vigorously supports legislation advancing women and the family in Israel.


In addition, Emunah operates women’s business clubs, providing the opportunity for young entrepreneurs to network, exchange ideas and develop vital skills to enhance their businesses.

Emunah Israel Promotes Legislation

Emunah is involved in the work of Knesset committees with regard to various areas of legislation, especially those to do with women, and was even among the initiators of certain laws and amendments to existing legislation, including maternity leave for foster families, division of property, supervision over frameworks for the care of infants, maternity leave and tax benefits for working mothers, court jurisdiction, and others.

Emunah Israel Maintains Ongoing Public Agenda on Women’s Issues

Emunah as an organization takes a stand with regard to current events, yet also maintains an ongoing public agenda, especially with regard to the status of women issues.


Appeal to the High Court on the “Appointment of Dayanim”

An injunction that Emunah requested against the Committee to Appoint Dayanim demanded the nullification of the present composition of the committee until a woman would be included on the body. The purpose is to bring before the committee women’s voice and perspective in the deliberations.


Appeal to the High Court on “Mesuravot Get”

This refers to the request by Emunah to be added as a “Friend of the Court” to an appeal that dealt with a woman who has been a mesurevat get for 16 years.


Course for “Mashkichot Kashrut”

It is well known that no one takes greater care with regard to the kashrut of the home than the homemaker, the one who cooks in the home. Thus, it seems to us only natural and acceptable that women can also be employed professionally in kashrut-related areas, especially since there is no halakhic problem for a woman to be a mashkiach.


There are many more public activities undertaken by Emunah, and the short description above provides just a small sample. In future we will continue to broaden our work.

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