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Dafna Meir - The Emunah Connection

Dafna Meir - The Emunah Connection
Written by: Liora Minka, Chairman of Israel Emunah

I didn't know Dafna Meir personally the woman brutally murdered in front of her children on Sunday. I heard the tremendous pain and loss in the words of her friends who eulogized her at her funeral, speaking of her strong personality. A leader takes responsibility and helps women and their families. I hear the prayer that she herself wrote and said before assisting her patients as a nurse, a prayer requesting the ability to help her people but also to be able to help other peoples, and the heart refuses to accept this terrible loss.

I read about her four biological children and two foster children, that Dafna insisted should be nurtured from love and from her memories of her life as a child who did not have the support of family. The media spoke about her difficult family background from which sprang the incredible personality that must be acknowledged.

Then Shmuel Ron, Director of the Emunah Achuzat Sarah Children’s Home  informed me that Dafna was one of his/our graduates. And Shmuel spoke and spoke and spoke about Dafna, on her personal strength, also about the intricacies of the treatment that she received at Achuzat Sarah, but mostly about her tremendous and extraordinary personal growth. Her journey went from needing assistance to giving assistance, from having no family to creating life and nurturing the love of family among many.

When one understands this kind of strength the feeling of even greater loss is realized. Dafna, we will direct the anger and the pain and the terrible feeling of loss to positive action.
We are committed to continuing in your tradition and the tradition of Emunah to guide children with backgrounds similar to yours to grow, develop, to blossom and to succeed.

May your memory be blessed.

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