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You Have the POWER to Help ‘at Risk’ Children in Israel

You Have the POWER to Help ‘at Risk’ Children in Israel

At Talia’s house violence was the norm. Her father had a vicious temper and she regularly saw her mother being assaulted. Talia wanted to protect her mother but was too scared to speak up, so she lived in fear. Sadly, life doesn’t always run smoothly for superheroes.

One night her father returned home drunk and attacked Talia’s mother so violently that she was hospitalised due to her injuries. Social Services stepped in and one year ago, Talia went to live at Emunah’s Sarah Herzog Children’s Centre as an emergency placement. Staff found her quiet and withdrawn and she didn’t mix with the other children.

Emunah’s professional and caring staff turned to music therapy to unlock Talia’s unhappiness. When the therapist played Talia a Russian folk song, she immediately responded, tears streaming down her face. With patient support, Talia’s complex feelings for her mother and her anger at her father poured out and she began to heal.

Now she is starting to make sense of her traumatic experiences and rebuild her life. Talia also enjoys art therapy and with educational support is starting to excel at school.
Thanks to Emunah, Talia is a survivor of domestic violence, no longer a victim. She now shows resilience and strength: these are her super powers!

Emunah relies entirely on donations to support our projects in Israel. Please help us to support Talia and the 12,000 other children in Emunah’s care by donating as generously as you can. Together we can transform the lives of Israel’s ‘at risk’ children and make their lives better.

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