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Sarah Herzog Scholarship Ceremony

Every year, Emunah holds a scholarship ceremony. This year’s Ceremony, the planning committee felt it would be a nice change of pace to bring the event to Emunah’s Neve Sarah Herzog Girls’ High School in B’nei B’rak. A sizable group of women, including students from Emunah’s Michlala and Ulpana, traveled together by hired coach from Jerusalem, to partake in the Ceremony.

Despite the weather, there was a wonderful turnout for the ceremony which was represented by long time Emunah members as well as key staff members from other Emunah Projects. Upon arrival to the school’s auditorium, the guests were greeted by music and refreshments as they waited for the ceremony to get underway.

The ceremony commenced with a brief overview of the program by Chairwomen of the Scholarship Fund, Mrs. Hannah Melamed. Functioning as Matron of Ceremonies for the event, she introduced the first speaker, Chana Tessler.

Chana Tessler is the new Director and Principal of the Neve Sara Herzog High School. She spoke both of the challenges and gratification of working with the student body, as she guides them from adolescence to early womanhood. Mrs. Tessler discussed the significance of education and equality of women the National Religious realm. Also mentioned were the values passed on to the girls, such as chessed, inclusion, Zionism in addition to the incredible emphasis stressed by Emunah Institutions on the Arts.

Following Chana's speeches, the audience was treated to the first of three performances given by the school’s choir. The girls sang beautifully as they were accompanied on the piano by the school’s musical director.

Next to take the podium, was Michael Herzog, grandson of the scholarship’s namesake, HaRabbanit Sarah Herzog z”l. The Rabbanit was well known for her hospitality, caring heart and generosity. Mr. Herzog spoke fondly of his memories, spending large portions of his childhood in his grandmother’s home. Strangers would knock on the door and tell her about their impoverished circumstances. She embraced them, fed them and gave them money. On Shabbat, she held an open-house kiddush to which people would come from all over. Mr. Herzog recounted his grandmother’s deep devotion to chessed and helping those in need. He spoke of the integral role the Rabbanit played in the development and advancement of the Women’s Religious Zionist movement, beginning with the Mizrachi Women’s Organization and culminating in the establishment of Emunah - National Religious Women's Organization in 1935.

The Scholarships were then handed out, interspersed by performances from the choir and dance students. The ceremony concluded with a D’var Torah, delivered eloquently by a Neve Sarah Herzog pupil.

Yasher Koach to all the recipients.
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