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Neve Michael Shabbaton

Neve Michael Shabbaton

This past weekend a group of young women from Canada, who are spending a year in Israel spent a shabbat at Neve Michael.  Their follow up emails clearly illustrate what an impact Neve Michael on people who visit and experience this special place for themselves. If you are planning a trip to Israel take the time to visit this amazing place. Contact us today.


Thanks so much for organizing the shabbaton! We all had the best time! Also, would I be able to help you with anything that has to do with this in Toronto? I'm really interested, it was an amazing shabbos!

Hilla Sheinberg


I had an amazing time this shabbos at Neve Michael. I'm really so happy that I had the opportunity to come. I was put in Oranit's group, and her bat sheirut was Sapir. At first coming to Neve Michael I was really surprised at the beautiful condition of the homes. Down to every detail, the fish tank, the tv, the fruit bowl, it really felt like a normal and comfortable home that for some reason I did not necessarily expect. The apartments created the feeling of normalcy, in what I soon learned is very unlike the homes that most of these kids come from.
1916774_10153212132500064_5084445293800413961_nThe girls were very welcoming and happy. They took care of me as a guest and made sure I was following along with the zemirot or helping me understand the Hebrew that they were speaking. I was beyond impressed at the way Oranit acted in the group. I watched the respect that these girls had for her, and the mother figure she had become. I was amazed at her commitment. She is such an outstanding woman that was so nice to get to know.
Sapir had baked an overwhelming amount of cakes, and little notes and chocolate bars were left on the plate of each girl Friday night. Every meal Oranit had prepared a dvar Torah, and each girl had her chance to lead the zemirot. I felt I was witnessing so much love and care surrounding these children, while for some reason I only expected this place to be meeting their basic needs. Emunah looked past the basic needs of these children (which themselves are very great) and they provide every little detail to create a loving home environment. I would love to come back and visit the group again!

Thank you all so much for having us!

Ayelet Reiss


On behalf of all the Ulpana girls who attended the shabbaton this past weekend, I would just like to thank you for organizing one of the most meaningful Shabbats I've had to date in my year in Israel. After spending just a short few hours with the children at neve Michael, I can reflect on how thankful I am in my life to have my family, my home, and my security. But I can also reflect on how thankful I am that these children, who come from all types of homes, backgrounds and situations across Israel, have a safe, comfortable, warm, welcoming and happy home in neve Michael.
Meeting, interacting, and getting to know these special children throughout Shabbat was an indescribable experience. They were so much fun to play with and so sweet that I genuinely forgot that behind their deep smiles comes a deep amount of difficulties, pain and anguish.
Each child is so unique, and yet they all want what every child wants- a normal childhood. We enjoyed saying jokes at the Friday night meal, teaching them some English on Saturday afternoon, and playing games with them on Saturday night after dinner.
Getting to speak to Hava on Shabbat afternoon was a highlight that I don't think we will forget. She spoke to us about the past, present and future of Neve Michael and the paramount work that the home does each and every day.
I hope that we will have more opportunities to visit and volunteer at this special place in the future.

Thank you again for organizing such a memorable weekend for all of us,
Ariella Serman


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