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Hundreds of students graduate this year from Emunah

Hundreds of students graduate this year from Emunah

As is true every year at this time, students across the world are taking exams and contemplating their future as they finish their school career and look ahead.  This year tens of dozens of Emunah students followed in the same vain.  Completing their high school studies, our students venture out into the world preparing for army, national service, college, further education, Midrashot or Yeshivot.  It’s a time for stock taking.  What has been achieved in the last several years.  What lessons have been learned, what challenges have been addressed, and what achievements have been attained.

This year, many of our high school girls have been accepted into prestigious national service positions, and high ranking army units.  We have never underestimated the abilities of our children, and continue to have faith in them as they move to the next chapter in their lives.  We are so proud of ….

    • Shlomit (name changed)  from the Marilyn Cole and Francis Zusman-Sina Torah Arts High School who won the prize for best film in the ‘social’ category.

    • Ruti (name changed) whose senior art project was chosen to be part of a national exhibition.

    • The boys soccer team from Sarah Herzog Children’s Home in Afula who won 1st place in the soccer tournament in their region.

    • The boys from Neve Landy who received 1st place in the science competition for his age/region.

    • David (name changed) from Neve Michael who won 1st place in a national music competition for his outstanding talent on the saxophone.

    • The 2 students from Elisheva high School who received the leadership award from the Ministry of Education

    • Our English teacher from Elisheva High School who received Best Teacher award from the ministry of education for her care, time and investment in her students.

    • Devorah (name changed) the Bet Sabah Elazraki graduate who was sworn into the army after successfully completing her course in rescue service.  She is now in her new position in the search and rescue unit in the army – a most distinguished high ranking unit.

There are many for Emunah and all our supporters to be proud.  Kol Hakavod to us all!

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