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Chanukah in Emunah Israel

Every year during Chanukah, there is a big party held at Bet Elazraki which includes all of the children. This celebration is for the graduates, their spouses and kids.

Yehuda and Riki Kohn give out a presents to every single one of their "grandchildren". It is a beautiful custom. It is the epitome of what the holiday of Chanukah is about for all of us at EMUNAH. Chanukah symbolizes hope , success and renewal. The very fact that the graduates of our homes can get married, support families and create loving, healthy homes of their own - means that there is hope for the future.

Emunah and all the wonderful people who work there have been successful in breaking the cycle of violence by creating and renewing a strong family life where children are raised in healthy and happy homes by their parents.

חג אורות שמח לכל עם ישראל!
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