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Big Picture

Big Picture
Hava Levine

When I was 14 years old I asked my mother if I could buy a new blouse to wear at a girlfriend's party. Times were hard and I was given a few dollars. I went to so many stores before I saw the blouse in the sale of sales corner. I learned a new word- IRREGULAR.

The blouse was gorgeous and different. I asked the salesgirl what is wrong- how come it is so cheap. She said-don't ask what is wrong-ask me what is right. Look at the beautiful colors, the gorgeous buttons, the cut of the sleeves. Grab it. I still insisted-so what is wrong? And she said-look the sleeves are not the same length, the buttons are too far apart and two are missing, the color scheme has faded here and there  - otherwise it is perfect. Look at the big picture.

You do not know how much I loved that IRREGULAR top. I cherished it for years and even took it with me when I immigrated to Israel. Later I understood why.

The boys and girls who come to Neve Michael are there for sad reasons. Our children are not regular kids. How can they be after what they go through in life? Abigail saw her stepfather brutally kill her mother. Yossi was removed after his mother jumped or was pushed out of the window, Sarit decided to stop speaking after she witnessed something horrific, Nathan was sexually abused. None of our kids can tell you that they come from REGULAR homes. But that is what makes them SPECIAL.. They need us more than anyone because we are the ones that can give them the REGULAR life that they deserve to have.

I am thanking all of you for not only loving our children and caring about them-but because you actually do something about it. Sometimes we need courage to care!

You support us and you are the ones that are giving them a chance. When I see the graduates who come back to visit- the army officers , the head nurse, the high school principal, the company director, teachers, and so many regular good people- I know that you were a big part of their success.

Thank you so much- Love from the Neve Michael Family

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