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Emunah Toronto's Food and Bake Sale 2020
From Thursday 17 September 2020
To Thursday 29 October 2020
Emunah Bake Sale

This year's Emunah Toronto's Food and Bake Sale will have two components.  

We ask you to donate to support our Children's Homes in Israel. Every donation includes complimentary zoom cooking demonstrations with Daniella Silver and Ellen Grossman.    CLICK TO DONATE   

THE EMUNAH FOOD & BAKE STORE, will be open for sales on AUGUST 16-31, 2020.  Let Emunah help you prepare for Rosh Hashana,  by offering a variety of items from our local kosher establishments. Baked Goods,  Side Dishes,  Appetizers and more ... support our local GTA kosher businesses , while raising much needed funds for our children in Israel.  Our vendors have kindly offered a percentage of their sales to be given to the children of Emunah. The store will be open for sales on AUGUST 16-31, 2020. All orders will be available for pickup on September 17th from one location.

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