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Education and Social Welfare in Israel
We Advance Education and Social Welfare in Israel

Children’s Villages

children village emunah canadaThe main objective of Emunah Children's Villages is to provide the children a warm home, loving and supportive family-like environment.

Emunah has 5 children’s homes across the country:

  1. Achusat Sarah Children’s Home, Bnei Brak
  2. Neve Michael Children’s Village, Pardes Chana
  3. Bet Elazraki Children’s Home, Netanya
  4. Sarah Herzog Children’s Center, Afula
  5. Neve Landy Children’s Village, Even Shmuel

Each of these homes implements the latest in therapeutic methodology, sponsors remedial learning centers, therapy groups for parents. In addition they provide support and empowerment programs for the children through sports, music, art, creative crafts, horseback riding therapy, and more. These are designed to build up the youngsters’ self-confidence and help break them out of the circle of distress and risk. All the children attend schools on site or in the surrounding area. In all Emunah children’s homes, dedicated and professional staffs are on call throughout the day. These include psychologists and social workers, physicians and physiotherapists, speech therapists, teachers and counsellors. With their help the children are able to broaden their horizons and dare to dream of overcoming their personal difficulties and taking their rightful place in society.

Crisis Centres

Emunah operates three emergency shelters, which are equipped to receive babies, children, and teenagers at a moment’s notice and care for them temporarily, until a more permanent framework can be found for them. These children have been removed from their homes, under serious circumstances, by court order.

The shelters are protected and accessible only to authorized personnel. In the first stage, the goal is to ensure the child’s personal safety and provide the needed warmth in order to distance him/her from the trauma and distress that s/he experienced. The period of time that the child remains in the shelter is determined by the courts and the welfare authorities.

Emergency Placement for Babies and Infants

Emunah Bet Saba Elazraki in Netanya is home to our emergency placement for babies and infants, ready and on-call to receive abandoned or neglected young children at any time during the day or night. The placement provides them with a warm and safe environment, until a more permanent arrangement can be found - often foster care or permanent residential placement in one of our homes.

Emergency Placement for Children

The doors to the Neve Michael Emergency Crisis Center opened in August 2000. All children that are bought to the Crisis center, are rescued by the Welfare Department of Israel. Children arrive with cigarette burns on their tender, young skin. Others have endured horrible experiences. One little boy, saw his drug addicted father kill his mother. Children from all over the country who need to be removed immediately from their home and surroundings are referred to us through the Welfare Department and arrive at our Emergency Crisis Center, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Despite major government budget cuts, our devoted staff works continuously to treat our children. We are in constant need of professional therapy and diagnostic testing for them. It is our objective to help our children break the vicious cycle of distress. Each child responds differently to the various treatments available. Therefore, we try to find the best way to reach into the souls of our children. Our crisis center operates 24-7 to handle any emergency situation in which a child must be removed from its biological family at a moment’s notice. Our children all come with “psychological ghosts” from their past. Some remember many frightening nights when they lay awake wondering if they would be victims of abuse or if they would be forced to beg to raise money for the family’s basics needs. Most children, who arrive at our Emergency Crisis Center, cannot return home. They are constantly here, through holidays and summer vacation.

We have certainly made an immense difference in the lives of our children. We cannot change the hurtful past for our children. But, together, we can promise to give them a better future.

Teenage Girls Crisis Center

The Teenage Crisis Center serves teenager girls nationwide from the age of 13-18 years old who have suffered mental/physical abuse or who are in emotional distress due to various causes. Only acute situations of teenage girls at risk are referred to the Center by the Welfare Department. The center expects to receive between 40-50 teenage girls annually.

The professional staff at Neve Michael evaluates each teenager that arrives and plans an individual treatment program for her.

An important component for the success of the Teenage Girls’ Crisis Center is the family intervention program.

The main objective is to build self-sufficiency in the teenagers, so that they will be able to cope with life’s challenges as mentally healthy adults. The treatment and evaluation is performed by professional experts, psychologists and social workers.The anticipated timeline is flexible and dependent on a particular individual’s progress, but treatment can take from several months to approximately two years. The Neve Michael staff works in conjunction with the Child Welfare Department of the Ministry of Welfare.


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